Our Mission

A mobile Concierge service for anyone who seeks convenience without interrupting their agenda. Rediscover or just indulge in favorites that only you know how to enjoy. Using the Shortcuts menu represented by commonly used icons across the top of the home screen, users of MyCaribbeanVacations APP will be able to call a taxi or access a booking engine for flights, tours, restaurants, hotels, cruises and car rentals. Additionally special requests to find or reserve LIMO service; charter a yacht; plan an event or search for a property on any Island, will return a response within 24 hrs when submitted here.

Our Story

From a Luxury Concierge and Transportation service provider the Platinum Travelersc Club always envisioned delivery of a mobile concierge platform to is discerning guests. MyCaribbeanVacations APP is the result of five years of research and trials to bring visitors and residents of the Caribbean alike, a world of resources that you could never have imagined in a single platform, until now.  Supported by state of the art technology and a team of caribbean based professionals we will revolutionize business, travel, sports, entertainment, shopping and many other activities that define life in the Caribbean. Now is the time to truly experience the lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of professionals incldue, IT, Marketing, Sales, Financial, Legal and many other associates who are highly skilled with knowledge and experience in everything Caribbean. More importantly our hard working service providers in the hospitality, concierge, transportation, events and entertainment sectors around the region are always on hand to serve. Stay tuned and you will meet these preferred members of the Club, who ensures that you will always Experience the lifestlye!